I have had a problem with intel i350 Server NIC disconnecting on my Windows server. It has been stable for years, but recently started acting up very frequently. Probably related to some patch or fix, the network interfaces randomly reported "no cable", and the only remedies was to reboot or disconnect and reconnect in software.

With Ubuntu 18.04 you get a new network configuration setup. I addition to being overly complex, the parser for the config you write is extremely picky on spaces and indentations. This means you need to count the spaces in your config to make it work. A lot of the configs you find on the web WILL NOT WORK with cut and paste. DO NOT use tabs, spaces only!

Here's one of mine that work:



Ofcourse you may have to change the addresses, just remember to count the spaces... :)

Remember to replace your network interface withyour own, you may have a different device than I.

You can find your device with ifconfig or dhclient.

Hope this may set you on the path.

I wanted to move all files on my fileserver that had been untouched for 5 years or more. and robocopy is excellent for that purpose, however it has some weird way to check for just that. Here is how you use a variable date with robocopy's weird implementation of the /MINLAD:-switch.

Got an error code "0x8007232B" on your windows activation screen? Here's a really quick fix:

Det har den siste tiden vært snakke mye om radio og at man skal skru av FM-båndet, eller legge det ned. Dette er stort sett sagt av ledere i større radiokanaler eller teknofile uten teknisk innsikt. Så i 2017 skal vi skru av eller legge ned FM-båndet.

Store lovnader og mye skryt i salgsfasen.  Etter kontraktsignering var det umulig å få tak i dem.